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Consumers' reviews

  • I want to share my result. An unpleasant situation, to say at least, happened to me for the second time. Shortly before it I purchased the device "Biomedis". So, I thought: let me try it. I did everything so, as it was written in instructions. I just used the program №142 and then №143. I used the first program 3 times, and then I utilized the second program, repeating it twice. By the morning the pains had disappeared. I was very pleased by the result.
    Then I continued the treatment. Any pain disappeared in three days. Now I am going to utilize the apparatus for me and my family more frequently. All in all, I am very satisfied.
  • I bought the device 2 months ago.
    Since that time the following experiences of usage were carried out.

    1. I began to do so, as it was recommended me during the purchase: the program №4000 (anti-parasitic program). I used the program 5 days, 3 times per day. At the same time I utilized the program of autointoxication (program №1) once daily (for detoxifying). As I was said, I experienced flu-like symptoms and slight diarrhea during the process of the therapy. As a result, I escaped from the fungus which was in my ear and couldn't be treated by other remedies. I suppose that I have gotten off other parasites which have not been known by me because I haven't been examined...
    2. In the middle of January I caught cold. I used the program 564 (cold) and the program 888 (flu) 2 days. On the 3rd day I recovered completely.
    3. I observed an interesting fact. Children are more sensitive to bioresonance than adults. My son (3 years old) is usually being treated with different remedies during at least a week after he has caught cold. But when I observed flu-like symptoms in my son (runny nose, high temperature, etc.), it was enough to subject him only to 2 sessions made with the help of the device before going to bed. In the morning he woke up completely healthy...
    4. In the morning I administer the program №2000 (endogenous) once or twice, and then I feel excellent the whole day, independently of the state in which I woke up.

    Conclusion: this is a very useful device which is worth of its cost. I am pleased by the purchase.
  • Hello!
    I hurry up to share my experiences because emotions overfill me.
    I reached excellent results within just one week of administration...
    I escaped from Chlamydia (I couldn't get rid of them through other methods) - the program №856.
    I improved my vision (the program №197). I have hyperopia (headaches appeared after I had worked at computer an hour). Now I am sitting at the computer a half day without having any problems.
    Generally saying, it is a cool device.
  • Good afternoon!
    I bought the device for my mother; she is 72 years old.
    I could solve the following problems with the help of the device:
    Arthrosis of knee joint - a usual state - dreadful pains (especially in nights, she hardly ever can sleep).
    After 3 days of using the device, the pain practically disappeared; the nature of pain changed: the pain became milder.
    After the second session she escaped from headaches which tormented her during last several years.
  • I purchased the device "Biomedis" a month and a half ago; I hardly ever believed that the device would cause the described results; but now I am very happy that I have this thing at my home. My husband and I got flu; fortunately, we got rid of the disease within 4 days with the help of the device without any medications and supplements. We did diagnostics BRT, found parasites, administered the device for treatment, did diagnostics again: the results were unexpected - parasites disappeared, general state of organism and organs was improved, general state and health were improved. When I get tired significantly, I use the program of getting energy; then I can even "fly". The last experience was following: a friend came to me; we rested excellently; but in the morning I felt the result of such rest - alcohol withdrawal. I used the program №559; I felt better in an hour.
    The device "Biomedis" contains over 1000 programs; they are indicated not only for ill persons; healthy people can find the device useful too. There are very interesting programs. If you have questions, I will answer you.
    Now I have a house doctor ;)
    And what is for you? Do you have a house doctor?
  • ... I reached the first result: I caught cold; I was at my work during a day, having runny nose; then in the evening I experienced the device (I had just bought it). I used the program "Rhinitis". By the morning I hadn't had runny nose more. But smell didn't return totally. I couldn't experience the program №47 because I was not at home; I didn't have the device with me.
  • As I had already written, we bought the device on 14th of May for treatment of such complicated disease, as diabetes, but my children have learnt the techniques quickly, and now they treat colds with the help of the apparatus. My son escapes from inflammation of throat and runny nose in 3-4 sessions. My daughter improves immune system, using the device. My wife successfully treats joints of legs and sodium accumulation. Generally saying, the device is working the whole day. That's why I would like to ask designers to elaborate more quality strap fastener. I understand that the strap fastener is normal for a person that uses the device 1-3 times per day but if the device is utilized by many persons, it should have more quality strap fasteners.
  • Please, explain which programs should be used in the following situation: a woman, 51 years old, has mammary cancer. She has experienced 3 sessions of chemotherapy and one session of radiation therapy. She always has such treatment. After having radiation therapy metastases in liver and lungs have been diagnosed. She feels good; her appetite is excellent; she has had increased sugar in the blood; the rate of blood sugar has been 11; then after usage of the device Biomedis blood sugar rate has become 5. Now the patient desires to treat her disease with the help of the device Biomedis. Please, inform which programs should be used, their sequence and how many times per day they should be utilized.
    Best regards, Dmitriy.
    Thanks for the previous explanation! 4 persons have used the program "Diabetes" and normalized blood sugar level: it has become normal: 5-5,5. Before the treatment with the device, the patients' blood sugar levels were 10-12.
  • My wife was diagnosed in May with diffuse toxic goiter of the second level; thyrotoxicosis, manifested form of decompensation (TSH< 0,005 µIU/mL, antibodies against TPO - 451,2 Units/mL, free T4 - 333,72 pmol/l). We try to recover functions of the thyroid gland: 25 days with the help of the programs 805, 186 and 2000 (two sessions per day), and then 11 days (till nowadays) two sessions per day with the program 805 (total: 37 days) and the program 154. While using the program 154, feeling of straining in the throat appears and it is difficult to swallow. Such feelings continue existing during certain time (30-60 minutes) after ending administering the program. Now the thyroid gland looks smaller. Can you please inform me what we should do after?
    Best regards, Vladislav.
  • I want to note about results caused by the program "Getting energy" №263.
    I come from my work, being tired: after sitting the whole day at computer. After using the program just once, my head becomes less heavy, strengths are added; and it is even "easier to live".
    I experienced also the program at work: as a result, my working ability increased.
  • ... The patient N. was diagnosed with dermoid cyst of left ovary after examination by gynecologist and altrasound investigation of the lesser pelvis.
    sizes of the cyst were following: 72x55mm. Images have been attached.
    The woman used BRT treatment with the device "Biomedis" over one month.
    After 17 days of the treatment, examination of the patient was made again. The cyst was diminished till the following size: 50x55 mm. The ill woman continued to expose herself to BRT treatment with the device "Biomedis".
    In two months after the first examination, control ultrasound re-examination was made. The size of the cyst by August 3, 2009, was following: 27,9x21,3 mm.
    The dermoid cyst of the left ovary diminished in the size after 2 courses of treatment; now it has the tendency to normalize the structure (according to control ultrasound diagnostics).
    This case allows seeing efficiency of BRT treatment and efficacy of the device "Biomedis" for treatment of this pathology.
  • Hello! On 28th of December 2009 we purchased the device BIOMEDIS. I took the device and began to treat respiratory diseases. The result of treatment caused happiness and delight in all of us. So, we started using the device. Improvement was caused very quickly. Our happiness was without any limit. We used the device very carefully. But then on 12th of January 2010 we were distressed because the device was damaged. The cable was broken at the output of the apparatus. Treatment was interrupted for 10 days. I attempted to use a part of a cable taken from a resistor. I could do it. But in some days another unpleasant thing happened. It became impossible to enter a number of a program. If I press the button to move the cursor, a digit is changed; if I press the button for changing of a digit, digits are changing without stop.
    We don't have any repair service center for the devices in Nikolaev, Ukraine.
    Thank you in advance. Best regards, Nikolay.
  • Our family turned out to stay in prolonged heavy rain. It caused cold and respiratory diseases in all of us. I got exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis. My doctor prescribed me taking drugs which cost about 5000 rubles. But I utilized the device Biomedis - 20 sessions; each session was very intensive. As a result, it seemed that I was never ill. I made the following conclusion: the price of the device is easily recovered for 3-4 colds.
  • I greet everybody.
    BRT examination displayed existence of the following problems in me:
    Entamoeba histolytica
    Epstein-Barr virus
    Streptococcus pyogenes
    I was treated 27 days. I used the program 4000 two-three times per day and the program 2000 once in two days, and certain programs for selected parasites, when I had time between the main sessions. I also took sorbent 10 days.
    In three days after discontinuation of treatment I did VRT. The diagnostics showed that parasites had been eliminated. New parasites didn't appear.
    But Chlamydia and Epstein-Barr virus were not eliminated.
    The device works excellently, or otherwise, the first diagnostics has been mistaken completely.
    Then my relatives began to use the device. After their treatment, I will share the experience.
  • Hello! I want to tell you about my results of treatment with the device "Biomedis". I got the follicular cyst of ovary caused by usage of hormonal preparations (oral contraceptives). In fact, I began to use the device to prevent this problem. In the beginning of treatment with "Biomedis" the cyst had the following size: 46x38 mm. In a month its diameter diminished till 33mm. In other two months of treatment the cyst was absorbed completely!!! I thank designers of "Biomedis" sincerely.

    The numbers of programs used by me for treatment are following:
    826 (ovaries);
    186 (female hormonal balance);
    805 (thyroid gland);
    745 (female frustration).
  • I hoped to receive treatment of my hand, when I ordered the device. In September my thumb began to hurt; I couldn't flex it; I couldn't take something heavy, for example 1-l can; I couldn't close a door, using a key; I couldn't turn on and off the tap, button up, or take something smooth from any surface. I seemed to be an invalid; I learnt to do everything with the left hand. I was diagnosed with tendovaginitis, or inflammation of tendons. I was treating during 3 months with physiotherapies, ointments, tablets, and a hand orthesis during work (I worked at computer); I bandaged the thumb for nights in order to avoid bouncing up of pains because of unintentional moves by hand. The treatment didn't cause any relief; moreover, stomach pains appeared… I got the device in January, 16. In 3-4 days of administration it seemed that I felt better - I couldn't believe it. In 3 weeks of the treatment the result turned out to be fantastic. I haven't bandaged the thumb for 3 nights; the thumb flexes so, as the thumb of the other healthy hand. I can't say that I have recovered completely. Sometimes I feel slight pains of the thumb; I have still used the hand orthesis during the work at computer. I don't do any heavy work activities because I am still afraid of returning pains. I like doing not only female activities, such as sewing, knitting, embroidering, and painting, but also male activities, such as cutting, shaving, plastering, spiking, etc. But now I will make handicrafts; later we'll see.
    I'll fight and fight!
  • Hello! I want to share my impression caused by usage of the device. I will start my story with the notice about my work: it forces me to be in sitting position in uncomfortable conditions. It happened frequently that loin pains appeared because of cold or a pinched nerve. At the beginning the pain was mild but it became severer and severer. I tried to use ointments because I didn't have any time to utilize the device; moreover, it was needed to choose suitable programs for this purpose. As a result, it was painful to change my position: bend and straighten up. Then I began to use the device: the programs №596 and №317. I was very surprised when after using the program 317, I stood up without feeling any pain. I understood that I had to utilize the device more and more for complete treatment; however, now I can bend and straighten up without experiencing pains. Today I try to make more movement. If I hadn't used Biomedis, I would have gone to hospital.
  • I present my experience of treatment with the device.

    Why Biomedis?
    A year ago I began to use internet, and two weeks later I found out about BRT devices. Of course, earlier I knew about their existence but I attended to them very skeptically. However, certain conditions made me study about the devices. I reviewed information about them, descriptions written on forums, and despites of questioning about problems related to treatment, I understood that all BRT devices were effective. But Biomedis earned the most trust: a comprehensive forum, consultants are specialists, lack of dull net marketing, and a compact device: 3 in 1, with inserted programs of treatment, having a set of certain frequencies. I got the device on 8th of March; at once all members of my family experienced it: anti-parasitic and endogenous programs were tested. All of us had similar symptoms caused by administration of the device: specific taste in mouth as if we tasted a battery, slight headaches, pains in loin, sleepiness, and frequent stools. The skin was pinched by electrodes; we felt slight electric shocks during automatic switching of frequencies; sometimes the feelings were like those caused by acupuncture. In that night everybody slept deeply and woke up quite lately.

    How were we treated?

    We were treated about a month, using programs described in instructions: we found out about our diseases and set needed programs for their treatment. Six months before that, I had serious arrhythmia. In 3 weeks of treatment heart rhythm became normal: my happiness was great. But three days later the heart rhythm became abnormal, and I contacted specialists of the forum. Then I was treated under supervision of the doctors Veacheslav and I. V. Maliutina. You may review my treatment in the topic "Arrhythmia" (Questions to Specialist) on the forum linked to Biomedis.

    Results caused by treatment with the device Biomedis

    I was treated regularly; my wife used the device only under my pressing or in case of diseases' exacerbation. All respiratory diseases were treated by her within 2-3 days. She even escaped from sty without taking medical preparations. I don't have such diseases, or maybe I don't feel them. My wife also treated exacerbation of pancreatitis within 10 days without usage of tablets. Pains of joints were relieved within 3-5 days of treatment; then she discontinued treating till the next exacerbation. I treated mainly IHD; recovery was gradual but I achieved certain results. Attacks became shorter; periods between the attacks increased. Since autumn I haven't been suffered from this problem. I also reached some unplanned unexpected results. Our friends that meet us rarely say that now we are looking younger. A person even told me that I looked much younger than a 50-year-old man. Hair growth increased on the body; my hair of head has not been as grey, as it was earlier. I got rid of pains in left knee; my gait became nicer. Improvement of blood circulation contributed in these results; veins became thicker after sessions.

    What couldn't be treated?
    My wife didn't get any improvement in treatment of bronchitis and laryngitis. A tooth was removed after its sealing, the pain increased day by day; the device couldn't help. I tried to treat foot fungus, sounds in ears, Dupuytren's contracture but treatment was not successful.
    Side effects of Biomedis
    During working the device oppresses; sleepiness appears; the head become heavy. When my daughter is subjected to exposure of the device, she feels headaches and working ability reduces; that's why she refuses to be treated with it. In about two weeks of treatment with the device rash appeared on my skin at locations of electrodes; I couldn't escape from it and, finally, my skin looked so, as if it were burnt. A week ago I began to administer certain ointment recommended by my wife. As a result, I got stains that appeared on my neck and on the right hip. The stains looked like psoriasis. Now let me notice about dosing. You know, when you find a device that treats everything, you desire to escape from all diseases at once. Free time is totally spent for treatment. Since I did the same thing, I got migraine that was tormenting me for a week. Then I reduced quantity of treating programs. I suppose that heating could have essentially contributed to the side effects.
    Now we have received the second device. We continue treating but without any fanaticism. We are sure that recovery is coming gradually. We also try to convince our daughter to use the apparatus. We hope that she will follow our example.
    Happy holidays and strong health! Alexandr.
  • I am using the device from the morning till the night. I am not going to enumerate everything used by me. I have utilized therapeutic as well as anti-parasitic programs. Everything is ok at the moment. Nothing supernatural occurs; there are some positive results. I am generally pleased with the device. I want to see how it will be further. I agree that dosing should be taken into account but I wanna treat everything immediately: If I feel good, it means that the device is useful for me. I can reduce time of administration, if I feel something unpleasant. Time will show it.
  • I treated chronic tonsillitis in my child (1 year and 5 months old). According to palatine tonsillar samples, the child had active growth of streptococcus and Klebsiella. Streptococcus haemolyticus couldn't be treated by the device because its growth was active. As for Klebsiella, it was eliminated.
  • I have escaped from dust and pet allergy with the help of the device. Now a single reaction is sneezing several times but earlier I had also runny nose and lacrimation (or eye scratches) that appeared within 30 minutes after the first reaction. In case of serious reactions, I had difficulties during breathing. Moreover, natural body clock began to recover: I started to fall asleep at 12pm - not at 3am. My child's regimen was also stabilized: she wakes up at 7:30 (earlier it wake up at 10:30); she also sleeps well from 1pm to 3pm, while earlier I could make her fall asleep only outsides. Now my child falls asleep at 9pm, while earlier she fell asleep at 11pm and even later.
  • On Thursday my friend got angina with high temperature.
    I gave her the device.
    She used the device 2 days. Everything was improved. She utilized the immune regimen, angina, toxins, №0001.
  • I purchased the device in May last year. After using it 11 months, I can confirm that the device is useful and successful for treatment of various parasites and viruses. This winter no any member of my family (6 members) was suffered from severe viral or infectious diseases, while earlier we usually experienced such illnesses. Biomedis recommended itself as a successful device in the fight against such chronic diseases, as prostatitis, arthritis, obesity, etc. The problem linked with the frail strap was solved successfully. Now it is necessary to solve the problems linked with the charger and the accumulator. But I think that it will be done easily by your company service. I also ask you to inform me and my family about any novelty or elaboration made by your company.

    Best regards from Alexandr Victorovich Petrenco, Krasnodar.
  • My certain friends purchased the device Delta. Their reviews after administration of proper programs are written below:
    The device helps to escape from headaches.
    1. I got relief of joints' and neurologic pains.
    2. Seizure of convulsion in feet was suppressed.
    3. Quick improvement is achieved in case of pains and tiredness of eyes.
    4. Two sessions are enough to treat flu after the first symptoms have been observed.
    5. I escaped from chronic bronchitis after elimination of parasites.
    6. I got rid of depressions and irritability.
    7. The device improves sleep.
    8. A tumor of neck was absorbed within one month of administration.
    9. My child (2,5 years old) wets more rarely after administration of 5 sessions.
    10. The child with cold was successfully treated with certain programs.
  • Hello! I would like to share my observation:

    1. Good results are achieved for liver; hepatitis and other inflammatory diseases are treated.
    2. Prompt effect is caused in case of respiratory diseases (adenovirus, angina, etc.). If you begin to use the device after you have observed the first symptoms, 3-4 sessions are enough to make the symptoms disappear.
    3. Good effect is achieved in treatment of intestinal diseases.
    4. The anti-septic program №27 relieves symptoms of inflammation and contamination (I strongly recommend utilizing this program!!!)

    Good results are reached, if you use H. Clark's frequencies for treatment of the lungs and respiratory system. I always have the device with me; it is like a pharmacy in the pocket.

    The device acts better through hand electrodes. But in fact, the results in case of wave therapy are not worse than these ones.
  • My sister called me and surprised me with new success in the process of treatment: since she used the device Delta, the necessity to make an artery surgery was removed: cholesterol rate was normalized. She used programs for reduction of cholesterol levels.
    I want to add about me: I have used hand cr?mes more rarely since several sessions administered for improvement of skin quality.
    But the most important result for me is strengthening of legs' muscles. It has been unexpected because prognosis of neuralgic amyotrophy is not good. Effectiveness becomes more essential in a year of treatment. I have substituted my walking stick by ski poles. Nordic walking (see in internet) has turned out to be a significant treating remedy. So, I ask myself: what has actually helped me more: frequency programs or increase of muscular intensity? The answer is evident: I need both.
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