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The company-manufacturer guarantees correspondence of its products to technical terms, if conditions of exploitation, transportation, and storage are fulfilled.
When rules of exploitation are followed, working life may essentially exceed the time established officially (5 years).
Warranty period of products' operation is 24 months since the day of sale.
If a defect is discovered within warranty period, the seller (manufacturer) undertakes to meet the requirements of user specified in the Law of Russian Federation "Consumer Rights Protection".

According to agreement, seller (manufacturer) or organization that fulfills functions of seller (manufacturer) is not responsible for defects, if they have appeared after transmission of product to user because of the following conditions:
  • if consumer has violated rules of transportation, storage, keeping, and exploitation;
  • mechanical damages;
  • actions of the third party;
  • force majeure circumstances.
Guarantee liabilities do not apply to articles with damaged factory seals. In case of product malfunction within the period of guarantee liabilities as well as discovery of incompleteness, owner of the article should contact service center.

How can one give device to service center for warranty and post-warranty repair?

One should come to the central office of the company and contact the service center, or send the product, warranty card and repair request through post-service to the address of the company or its representative.

The request should contain the following information:
  • date of request's composition;
  • owner's surname, name and patronymic;
  • ID number, if owner is company's partner;
  • address;
  • phone number, skype;
  • short description of shortcoming, conditions of manifestation;
  • date of device's purchase.

Affected product, warranty card, and request should be sent to the following address: Where: 105122, Moscow, Schelkovskoye shosse, 2A; to whom: Shandorin Vladislav Sergeevich.

Attention! Name and surname of sender and receiver should be written fully, else the postal services will not be able to deliver the parcel.

ATTENTION! Before sending parcel, remember device's serial number, its name, number of post mailing, which post-office has been used, and date of sending! This information should be presented to the e-mail of the service center garantbio@gmail.com

Sending of devices to service is paid by sender. The company reserves the right not to accept parcels sent at the cost of the receiver.

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