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Congress 2017

BIOMEDIS CONGRESS IN GREECE TOOK PLACE! THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO US THIS YEAR! «BIOMEDIS team is a big puzzle, which parts are scattered all over the world! This puzzle has come together in Greece! It appeared to be very bright, cheerful and festive! It is all about your kind hearts, the most merciful and indifferent. The hearts, which can give you happiness and joy!
Every day we studied, the doctors shared with us their practical experience. We discovered Peloponnese. We visited ancient historical places. We absorbed the energy of sea and sun. We made new friends and had a great time together!
Thank to every participant of the congress and to the doctors, who took part in this significant event. We are grateful to the organizers team, and especially to Anna Pogosyan and Elias Delis.
The BIOMEDIS Congress was held with the participation and support of the Peloponnese administration. We express our gratitude to the head of the region Piotrusu Tatulis, the mayor of Tripoli Dmitrius Pavlis, the administration of Paralio Astros and all those who took part in organizing the congress.
The BIOMEDIS Congress is over. However, our common cause continues. We live in different countries, we speak different languages. We are different by profession. Men and women. Together we are BIOMEDIS. Our goal is to make bioresonance technologies available to everybody. After all, this is the future!»

President of the BIOMEDIS Company Sergey Solovyev

2017 is the beggining of the BIOMEDIS history

BIOMEDIS Congress through the eyes of the participants

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