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Preparing for summer! MINI BODY as a gift


Dear partners, friends!
Since 18.03.2015 till 28.03.2015 the campaign "Preparing for summer! MINI BODY as a gift" takes place.
If you make a purchase at the amount of over 40 000 rubles, you get the device MINI with the programmed complex "Body" as a gift.
The complex "Body" is developed by the doctor Potupikov; it is indicated for strengthening of muscular skeleton of the whole body, increasing of ability to work, enhancement of stamina, strength and volume of muscles, reduction of sweating, disappearing of snoring, tight breasts in women, increasing of potency in men (improvement of body supply in pelvis), reduction of fatty deposits under skin, and improvement of skin's tonus.

Attention! Bio packages are not involved in campaign!

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