History of the method "bioresonance therapy"

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History of the method "bioresonance therapy"

» What does the method of bioresonance therapy (BRT) represent?
» History of the method "bioresonance therapy"
» Medical science about bioresonance therapy
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Pharmacists want to forget about this panacea

The history of this therapy can be shortly described as a fight between hope of recovery, attempts to help people to escape from diseases, love to life and pharmaceutical companies' desire for money, administrative litigation and refusal of nature.

Roots of bioresonance therapy go to the end of 19th century. Long before appearance of F. Morell's hypothesis (1977) and his proclamation of the method BRT, the Russian scientist and academician N. E. Vvedensky carried out experiences on electric rhythmic impact upon living systems of organism in 1879. This scientist and A. A. Uhtomsky developed the theory of physiologic parabiosis, variable lability, assimilation of optimal rhythm of variable lability and the theory of dominant. D. N. Nasonov developed the theory of cell's paranecrosis. "Para" means "at the border", "near"; "necrosis" means "destruction", "death" of a cell, or a tissue, or an organ.

Picture 1. From the article of N. E. Vvedensky "About impact of electric irritation of vagus nerve upon respiratory motions in mammals" (1881).

N. E. Vvedensky experimentally substantiated the concept of optimal rhythm (Fopt) that is displayed in dramatic increase of function of a cell, a nerve, an organ in case of electric irritation or impact of certain frequency, having minimal irritation threshold. This is BIORESONANCE which causes so much confusion among scientists.

In the beginning of the 20th century Alexander Gavrilovich Gurwitsch defined that every multicellular organism has had electromagnetic field created by single cells. It results in appearance of living organism's general field which is indispensible for physiological processes.

Later the idea of bioresonance impact was developed by Dr. Royal Rife that used generator of electromagnetic waves for treatment of cancer in its final stage. This scientist took 16 terminally ill persons that had cancer of the final stage in 1934 in the state of California. After 3 months of treatment 14 healthy persons discontinued treatment; 2 other persons continued treating 4 weeks longer, and then they were discharged healthy.

R. Rife was a genial person; he elaborated a viral microscope with magnification unprecedented earlier. The microscope helped to determine the frequency of electromagnetic radiation where molecules of a patient and his/her disease fluctuated; then the scientist influenced on the molecules, causing their death. During several years a summary table with frequencies which are destructive for certain diseases' excitans has been created.

By 1933 the scientist R. Rife improved the technology and created a very complicated Universal Microscope that had about 6000 different parts and was able to magnify objects by 60000 times. Thus, because of this invention R. Rife turned out to be the first person that saw living virus. Modern electronic microscopes destroy almost everything, and as a result, we observe only mummified remains and crotches. When it comes to the microscope of R. Rife, it allows seeing noisy activity of living viruses because they modify their form in order to adapt to changes in environment, quickly react to cancerogenic substances and factors, and modify normal cells into cells of tumors.

R. Rife laboriously identified individual spectrum of radiation of each microbe, using features of spectrum slice. He slowly rotated quartz prisms of block in order to focus light of single wave length on the microorganism which was studied by him. This wave length was chosen because it resonated from the spectrum part of microbe's radiation which based on the following discovered fact: each molecule has own fluctuation frequency. Atoms which unite for formation of molecule join to the molecular configuration, having covalent links of energy, that radiates and absorbs its own defined electromagnetic field. Two various molecules can't have the same electromagnetic oscillations and energetic spectrum. Resonance strengthens light like two ocean's waves strengthen each other, when they merge together.

The result caused by administration of resonance wave length is that, microorganisms which are not seen in white light suddenly become seen in light's reflection. They become seen, when frequency of light resonates with its own radiation spectrum. Thus, R. Rife could see organisms which have not been seen under other circumstances, and he could observe their active invasion into tissues' culture. Discovery of R. Rife allowed him seeing organisms which could not be seen by others through usual microscopes.

Over 75% of microorganisms which were seen by R. Rife with the help of his Universal Microscope were seen only in the ultra-violet light. But the ultra-violet light is out of the diapason of our sight; it is not seen by us. A special R. Rife's backlight allowed him to overcome this limitation with the help of heterodyne method based on the technique of uniting two signals for getting differential signal. It lightened a microbe (usually a virus or a bacterium) by two various wave lengths of the same short ultra-violet frequency which resonated with spectrum part of the microbe. These two wave lengths interacted at the consolidation point. This interaction caused the third longer wave which entered visible part of electromagnetic spectrum. R. Rife saw unseen microbes without killing them with the help of this discovery. This discovery can be repeated with the help of modern electronic microscopes. R. Rife actually identified human virus of cancer in 1920! R. Rife made 20000 unsuccessful attempts to transform normal cells into tumor's cells. Finally he succeeded, when he identified virus of cancer, running it through extra-thin filter of porcelain, and then he introduced it into studied animals. At last R. Rife created 400 tumors from the same material in order to prove that this virus causes tumor.

He recorded everything with the help of video, photos and detailed reports. He called the virus of cancer "Cryptocides primordiales". The size of the cancer's virus was indeed too small. The length was 1/15 µm. The width was 1/20 µm. No any lens microscope could allow seeing cancer's virus in 1980s. At that time R. Rife was able to prove that microorganisms of cancer have 4 forms:

  1. BX (carcinoma); 2) BY (sarcoma; it is larger than BX);
  2. Monococcoid form is in the monocytes of the blood of over 90% of cancer patients.
  3. Crytomyces pleomorphia fungi are identical morphologically to that of the orchid and of the mushroom.

Since that time many scientists and doctors have confirmed Rife's discovery of cancer's virus, using methods with low illumination, Naessens' microscope and laboratory experiments. R. Rife also worked with leading scientists of that time; they also confirmed his works. R. Rife began to develop a method to destruct these little viruses-killers. He used the same principle which was utilized to see them. The principle of resonance was used by him to kill them. Increasing intensity of radiation's frequency which resonated with the microbes, R. Rife enhanced their natural oscillations till they died because of this radiation. R. Rife called this frequency "mortal oscillatory rate" (MOR); this radiation was not harmful for surrounding tissues. R. Rife spent many years to conduct researches. He was working continuously for 48 hours till he found the frequencies which destroyed herpes, poliomyelitis, spinal meningitis, tetanus, flu and a great number of other dangerous microbes.

In 1934 the University of Southern California appointed a special medical committee of research in order to treat Pasadena Country Hospital's patients, having the final stage of cancer. The committee included physicians and pathologists that had to examine patients, if they would have stayed alive after 90 days. After 90 days the committee concluded that 86, 5% of patients recovered completely. 13, 5% got recovery within next 4 weeks. The full rate of recovery achieved with the help of Rife's technologies was 100%.

On 20th of November 1931 representatives of 44 most respected medical institutions participated in the R. Rife's banquet dedicated to the "End of all diseases" organized by Dr. Milbank Johnson. But by 1939 almost all these scientists denied that they had ever seen R. Rife. What happened? What made the large number of famous scientists lose their memory completely?

Others heard about the news about R. Rife's wonders linked with the patients that had final stage of cancer. At the beginning it was a symbolic attempt to bribe R. Rife. R. Rife refused to be bribed. We will have never known out about exact sums of money proposed to the doctor. Then 125 arrests took place within 16 months. Accuses (based on work without any license) were pronounced in courts against the scientist; the prosecution hindered him from doing studies. The pharmaceutical industry was against conducting studies of painless therapy which treated 100% patients that had the final stage of cancer; the therapy cost nothing in exception of certain quantity of energy. It could birth the idea that people didn't need drugs.

R. Rife spent decades, gathering testimonies of his method's effectiveness: photos and videos. Finally the photos, films and written records began to disappear gradually from R. Rife's laboratory. The thief was never detained. While R. Rife put great efforts to complete missing components (photocopies and computers were not available at that time), someone was destroying his precious viral microscopes. The multimillionaire laboratory Burnett in New-Jersey was burnt because of arson, when scientists were about to confirm R. Rife's works. But the final blow was dealt later, when police illegally confiscated remaining components of R. Rife's 50-year researches. Hoyland was the single company which manufactured equipment for R. Rife (R. Rife was not the company's partner). Hoyland lost a case in the courts, and the company was bankrupted because of court's wastes. At the time of Great Depression it meant that commercial manufacture of R. Rife's equipment was discontinued completely.

Despites of absolute effectiveness of R. Rife's treating method, it was quickly forgotten because of great efforts put by pharmaceutical companies that understood the essence of danger which threatened them because of the innovational treatment method. Later R. Rife became an alcoholic; his method was banned.

Nonetheless, like any other genial and necessary things, the method was not forgotten totally. Bioresonance therapy arose here and there without giving any chance to forget about it and confirming its scientific foundation.

In 1940-1945 at the Yale University the professor Burr and other scientists conducted a research; they found that all living organisms have electric field and, correspondingly, magnetic field which is more complicated. Then Reinhold Voll made certain discoveries based upon Chinese knowledge about specific points which had to be pressed for improvement or worsening of certain organs' functions. After Voll had carried out many experiences, he discovered that human skin included certain points which had higher electric potential and larger number of nerve receptors than usual rates. Thus, electroaccupuncture arose.

In 1975 the German physicist F. A. Popp proved that all biological processes in organism took place because of electromagnetic interaction of cells. It means that highly developed system of interaction composed of electromagnetic waves and photons acts in the organism; at the same time interaction takes place faster than influence through nerve fibers and hormones.

Further basis for bioresonance therapy was made in 1977, when the German scientist Franz Morell and the engineer Erich Rasche invented MORA-therapy. The first channel and transmitter of electromagnetic oscillations was "Acutest-BRT" that was used for treatment of people.

Then people knew out about a device of J. V. Gotovsky that also invented another device of bioresonance therapy in 1980s. The device "MINI-EXPERT-D" records individual electromagnetic signals of people, diagnosing diseases, and then the devices "IMEDIS-BRT" and "MINI-EXPERT-DR" help to treat the diseases. Nowadays the devices are still available, and the method is recognized in many countries.

Devices of bioresonance therapy work similarly but they may have various functional capacities and design. Devices may represent large apparatuses where a patient may enter; devices may also be of relatively slower sizes, having complicated management understood only by specialists; devices may be also small and convenient, such as those offered by RPC BIOMEDIS. Distinctive peculiarities of BIOMEDIS' devices include mobility, availability, convenience, and simplicity of usage because these apparatuses are mainly produced for consumer market.

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